Trade on AutoPilot with
a one-time setup

  • 14 Years experience in EA development
  • Live account testing since JAN 2013
  • Fully automated
  • Choose between multiple strategies
  • Always StopLoss & TakeProfit
  • Built-In security systems
  • Hosted service for optimal quality


  • 100% automated trading
  • Aggressive trading settings
  • All security systems built-in
  • Always StopLoss & TakeProfit
  • Fully hosted solution ('PAAS' model)
  • Manual systems monitoring
  • One-time Cost & Setup fee
  • Total insight


At the request of our already existing customers, we launched - after extensive testing - the NexiYield strategy. Safety systems are present, but combined with some more yielding strategies which spice up trading. With the NexiYield strategy, we even made it possible for smaller accounts starting from €1.000 to trade on it. In our testing results, the profits were extremely varying. The systems used in NexiYield accounts have reduced trade volume on the "safe" systems.

Yield Based

The NexiYield product is prepped for performance.
You’ll experience ups and downs every day, every week, every month, all year long. Sometimes big losses, sometimes big gains.
The potential is huge, but keep in mind the joyride is like a rollercoaster.
So get ready for a wild ride!

Variable Lot Size

One strategy, works with the absolute smallest lot size possible. Even though the settings are aggressive, the same security systems found in NexiSafe apply.
The other trading strategy works by taking profits on small movements in the market, but it’s lot size is huge compared to the the other system.

Trading Strategies

NexiYield works with 2 completely different trading strategies.
During the day, the equity in your account is traded by system 1, at night (GMT) the equity in your account is traded by system 2. Because they are complimentary to each other, they strengthen each other.
In the event that both systems are trading positively, the results are beyond amazing. Even when one system is performing great, and the other one isn’t, stability is still occurring.


NexiTrade is one of the products offered by TradeLand. You can visit the website to find out what other types of systems we have or alternative investment opportunities TradeLand offers.

When applying for a trading account, you will first be prompted to register for a TradeLand account.

Globe Plus Alliance

TradeLand, and therefore also NexiTrade, is fully dedicated to be a charitable contributor.

One of the founding goals of TradeLand is to become heavily involved in various types of charitable causes.

You could say it's imprinted in our DNA.

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